Ywam hiking dts

Take five months of your life to seek hard after God. Through lectures, outdoor activities, practical ministries, and outreaches, you will learn what it means to become and live as a disciple.

Not only will you grow as a disciple, you will learn how to make disciples. The Outdoor DTS will give many opportunities to experience the beauty of Switzerland first hand through various outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, camping, and climbing are only a few of the opportunities presented to increase your skills.

Come to enjoy the great surrounding, reach out to the local outdoor community, and become equipped to reach out to more remote places on outreach.

We are interested in holistic growth. True discipleship transforms your heart, intellect, and skills. We are all about giving you opportunities to own your faith and grow.

For 11 weeks during the Outdoor DTS, you will hear speakers from all over the world who live out what they teach. Our lectures are connected with the outdoor activities to give you a practical learning experience of the topic so that the teachings sink deeper into your heart. Learning different outdoor skills, reaching out to the local outdoor community and preparing to possibly reach out to more remote areas in the world are some of the opportunities you will have.

Go out camping, sit around a warm campfire, scale a cliff, explore the forrest right next to our campus, hike up a scenic mountain, take a swim in a crystal clear mountain lake or enjoy a fast bike ride through the woods. In lecture phase we are able to learn and grow in various outdoor skills. We will then use these skills to reach the outdoor communities around us, as well as apply them in our outreach phase. This Outdoor DTS is open to all people who love to be active in nature and want to learn more!

So you want to go deeper in your faith and calling? We have prayerfully chosen supplemental reading, assignments, and projects to expand the understanding and application of what you are learning during the Outdoors DTS.

Creatively record and process what God is speaking to you through weekly journals, engage with selected books while writing reports, write about your outreach location, and practice public speaking. Each week you will hear from world-class speakers on the following topics:. Who is God, really?

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What if He is infinitely bigger than we have made Him to be? What beautifully vast questions that we can explore for the rest of our lives.

Come alongside other classmates, staff, and speakers who are passionate about discovering and loving God deeply and truly. Dig into scripture, read the wisdom of sages, worship, and engage.

Bring your heart, your curiosity, your confusion, and your hunger and gain tools to make a lifestyle of getting to know and live with our indescribably wonderful God. In order to hear how God speaks through logos, you have to actually know how to read His Word.

Our goal is to help you learn how to read the scriptures in a new way that not only challenges you but also refreshes and transforms you. This ancient text contains the timeless love letter of the Maker of the Universe and holds life applicable treasures for those who seek them. There is nothing more powerful than living a life that reflects Christ.

We will encourage you and help you develop a devotional life where you can discover Christ and how to better be His disciple. This is a lifelong journey that can take many shapes during your walk, but there are some key, foundational principles that can help you get started or improve your personal devotional life. A light is not meant to be hidden. God wants a personal relationship with you and every one of His created children. Imagine if no one dared to tell you about Jesus.It is a unique opportunity to set everything else aside and focus on knowing God and making God known.

The DTS will lay a foundation of hearing and obeying God for the rest of your life. This experience will spoil you for the ordinary.

The lecture phase is 12 weeks of live-learn discipleship as part of our missional community.

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Make new friends as you grow in intimacy with God, exploring a range of topics presented by experienced missions practitioners. Develop a foundation for your faith through your character, your actions and your relationships. Choose your own adventure as you go into the nations and experience the move of God first hand.

This is where the real adventure begins!

ywam hiking dts

Hacking through the jungle, trekking through deserts, climbing mountains, or surfing epic waves to reach the un-reached, plant churches, and bring hope through community development projects that will transform a community and open the way for the gospel. Team dynamics come alive as people share their gifts, talents, and lives in ministry opportunities. Outreach is a great opportunity to create friendships with others while having an eternal impact. It is also a great way to test your call to world missions.

Process what you learn, discuss your journey, pray for one another and do life together. Our purpose is to raise up and release young leaders who will bring kingdom transformation.

We are not focused on programs, but about releasing dreams — your dreams. Where will I stay? You will be living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Maroochydore. Where will I go on outreach? Each school carefully considers the outreach location for that school.

Usually there are multiple outreach options per school. Some outreaches will visit multiple locations. Outreaches are facilitated by trained staff. Students then pray to decide which outreach is right for them. Costs of outreach will differ depending upon location and costs of airfare.EDTS is a five-month discipleship program committed to doing whatever it takes to know God and make Him known in the outdoor industry and to the ends of the earth. The first three months will be spent living and learning in Montana, both in the classroom and in the backcountry.

In EDTS, we do all of these things through outdoor pursuits and experiential education. Endurance DTS has a two-month outreach phase with a two-fold focus.

What is YWAM DTS?

Our aim is to reach out directly to those in the outdoor industry in some capacity, by placing ourselves among trekkers, adventurers, campers, and other outdoor ministry enthusiasts. We use our backcountry and outdoor skills to go to the more remote places to share the Gospel.

The vision for the Endurance DTS outdoor ministry is to take students deeper into their own discipleship journey with Christ, and give them the tools to reach out to others particularly within the outdoor industry and to the ends of the earth. We know that people on a trek or great adventure are often seeking deeper spiritual revelation as they journey, and God has given us a desire to reach out and meet these individuals along the way. My name is Benjamin.

I did my DTS here the Fall prior to coming on staff. I fell in love with missions and the gift that God has given me to clearly communicate the gospel to a wide variety of cultures and belief systems. I love music, public speaking, the prophetic and Jesus! I just want to live a wild life, passionately pursuing Jesus alongside my family in Christ.

One day I will be preaching the gospel in the most unreached areas of the world! Praise Jesus!

Adventure DTS

And blessings to you! She has staffed both DTS's and DTS Equip, and has a heart for working with young people to see them become confident in who God has called them to be, and being bold in sharing the knowledge of God's grace and love that they have experienced.

Originally from Dalmeny Saskatchewan, this Canadian has been around since The Kehler's love combining discipleship with the outdoors, and reaching the unreached with the gospel. Hannah and her husband Tyson have been working with the Endurance Discipleship Training School for four years.

Skills Location: Nepal

This year they will have a baby girl joining them in the spring and they hope she loves camping and hiking as much as they do! Hannah loves the outdoors, but also that the skills learned in the backcountry can be so helpful in going to the remote places of the world. Whitney is from the intensely populated with cacti state of New Mexico.

Whitney loves working with DTS because she believes setting 5 months of our lives aside to dive into relationship with Jesus is the best decision in the world.Do you long to get off the beaten path?

YWAM Idaho Backpackers DTS 2009 to Mongolia!

Are you willing to visit some of the most remote villages on earth with a message of hope? Our Trekking DTS is not for the faint of heart, it is for those that love hiking, are willing to stay in remote communities, and are up for a physical challenge.

In addition to the transformational discipleship you will receive during the training phase of your course, you and your teammates will go through vigorous workouts to prepare you for your epic outreach that awaits in Papua New Guinea, the least explored country on earth! During your second outreach you will trek to remote villages in Papua New Guinea. Your outreach may include giving eye glasses, raising awareness on domestic violence, or helping to guide communities through what it means to build a healthy village.

No matter what you do, your outreach will tie in with our long-term vision and strategy to see communities thriving, no matter how isolated they might be! Grab your backpack, put on your hiking shoes, and get ready for a journey that will energise your body, soul, and spirit. Your course fee includes 13 weeks of missions training and 9 weeks of outreach.

The training includes all of your meals, accommodation, wifi, laundry facilities, airport transfers, an Australian wildlife experience meet a koala and feed kangaroos!

Your outreach includes all of your meals, accommodation, outreach shirt, visa if required and field supplies. Your outreach travel expenses will cover variable costs such as flights, ferries, busses, etc. Going to reach people who are some of the most unreached people in the world due to their isolation, is the best adventure of a lifetime.

I really enjoyed the physical challenge Trekking gave me, paired with the privilege of reaching the unreached. When you find yourself stripped of the abundance of comfort and convenience from the world, you really learn in unique ways what it looks like to trust and depend on God, I love it! DTS is a great relationship builder with God, yourself, and your teammates.

First Name. Last Name. Your Email.

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Your Message.You will have the opportunity to strive after God and seek His plan for your life while sailing the Aegean and learning the basics of seamanship on-board the Next Wave sailing yacht.

During the journey around the Greek islands and Turkish coast, you will be studying and growing deeper in your relationship with God, then, be sent to the nations to make God known on outreach. This DTS is geared to equip you with the skills, experience, and knowledge to serve on-board any of the YWAM ships internationally, while sailing through the islands of the Aegean Sea.

You will graduate, not only with a UofN certificate, but on track to gaining internationally recognised certificates to serve as crew on vessels world-wide. From day one I quickly grew to love everyone on our team so much. We still feel like a big happy family!

ywam hiking dts

There's something really special about doing life together, especially on a ship. God moved, spoke, and worked in my heart in ways I have never experienced before. I'm beyond thankful that He has made a way for me to enter this season of learning and growth with the Bluewater DTS. Discipleship Training School DTS is a six-month adventure that will deepen your faith and challenge you to live a life worthy of the calling God has given you. This intensive program fuels inward transformation and outward application through worship, teachings, prayer, evangelism, service, and compassion.

It is split into two sections; a lecture phase with a focus to know God and an outreach phase with a mission to make God known. During lecture phase, you will hear daily teaching about who God is and how we can listen to His voice.

Our emphasis is on personal application, not just head knowledge. Every week of lecture phase features a new international speaker, YWAM leader, or other member of staff who is experienced in the given focus.

Additionally, you will engage in worship and intercession, be mentored by a member of staff, participate in small groups, and serve on-board and in the local community. Outreach phase focuses in on answering the call of the Great Commission: to make Him known. They do not include flights or personal transportation. Outreach will end with a week of debrief reflecting all that God has done in you and through you over the past six-months.

DTS is just the beginning, it opens the door to further training and ministry. The opportunities, both in YWAM and beyond, are endless!

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Next Wave is a vessel dedicated to training and releasing the next wave of missionaries, which includes you! Prayerfully consider returning to further your skills as a sailor through any of our other training programs or by joining Crew. Bluewater DTS.

ywam hiking dts

Apply Now. Sail the Aegean Sea. A voyage to know God.Put very simply, a pilgrimage is a journey with a purpose — to find God, to know Him, and experience His Presence. In ancient Biblical times, this meant a physical trek to the temple in Jerusalem. In the Pilgrimage DTS, we combine both of these types of pilgrimage in our determination to seek God with our whole being — both physical and spiritual. So come with us on a journey into the beautiful New Zealand wilderness, and the deep places of your own heart.

The first 3 months of the DTS are a time to focus your life on God, learning to know and be known by Him in every aspect of life. This is your opportunity to open up to the Lord and others about your struggles, triumphs, questions, convictions, wounds, and scars.

In turn, you will find God to be your Father, Healer, Comforter, Warrior, and Sustainer — the One who lifts off your burdens and frees you to live life to the fullest.

In both places, you will build relationships with fellow students and staff from all over the world, learn to be a part of a community that is loving, challenging, and encouraging. The lecture phase is in preparation for the 2-month outreach that follows when you will have the opportunity to spread the fire that God has ignited in your heart. Most of our outreaches take place in Southeast Asia or Pacific regions including New Zealand itself and generally involve activities like practical work, prayer ministry, street evangelism, and leading church services or Bible studies.

The purpose of this phase of DTS is first and foremost for you to grow in the practical outworking of your faith, and advance the kingdom of God in the nations of the earth, but you may also have the opportunity to use backpacking as a tool for reaching out! This could look like backpacking to a remote village in the Himalayas, reaching out to other trekkers touring New Zealand, or something else completely!

Prepare to have your mind blown with what God is capable of doing through you. Not only did it teach me how to function in a small community as we shared the burden of climbing those mountains togetherbut also how to rely on one another, have fun and worship together, and, most importantly, how to be vulnerable with each other.

The focus of our Stream taught me what it looks like to be on a pilgrimage for God. Going on this journey physically and spiritually has been life-changing! Instead of wandering on my own, I am now following the Almighty God. I have rediscovered a personal and intimate relationship with my Creator! But also a great part was having lectures about how to walk in the authority of Christ, and learning how to hear the voice of God and grow in relationship with Him!

God also used the hikes to challenge and encourage me to rely on Him more.Apr 9, 0 comments. How this word makes you feel… bored?

Whatever comes to mind, routine is an invaluable thing that can be used to improve our wellbeing and help us live a purposeful and meaningful life. A routine can be great to help us prioritise the things that need to get done, in a way that aligns to our values. Our Discipleship Training School is a great place to establish a good, healthy routine.

To help you do this well, we have crafted up some of our top tips in preparation for your arrival. Our daily schedule here is somewhat busy, but it also leaves plenty of room for free time, and creating a good personal routine. Here are our suggestions! Townsville is home to a hill right on the back doorstep of our campus. Find a friend, get some fresh air into your lungs and take in the incredible view from the top of the hill!

Find a quiet place on our large campus either outside on the lawn or deck, or inside the cafeteria, to sit, be still, and invite God into your day. This is the time where you will be learning about different topics, such as: Character and Nature of God, Identity, Relationships, …and more! There will be a variety of different lecturers, who will bring a wealth of valuable content to your classes.

Lose your Fear. Assist with COVID Relief.

Lunchtime is a great place to connect with other people — whether in your DTS, or even those on staff. Use this time to meet someone new or learn more about someone you already know.

Each day you will have some time in an area of the campus to serve the community. This might be: hospitality, cooking, cleaning, administration, etc. But whatever you find yourself doing, we suggest routinely using this time to bless the campus and meet new people! There are some amazing staff at our base, so why not get to know someone new in your ministry placement area!

Using your weekends to rest and relax is a great habit to get into, to recharge your batteries for the next week. There are also a bunch of cafes in walking distance from our campus. A useful tip we would give is to use these spaces to study, read, or meet a friend. This can be a social or individual routine to set up! We hope some of these tips will be helpful for you when you come and spend some time with us at YWAM Townsville. Got more questions about what life will be like during your DTS?

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